Strategy and consulting to grow your NFT project.

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We help NFT projects scale with authentic marketing and growth strategies.

In today’s NFT market it’s hard to find ethical and moral ways of selling out. Tokenized Collaboratives helps you deliver on your project’s promises through different avenues of promotion, networking and direction aligned with the core moral values we’re aiming to honor.

What we do

Our Services

Advising and Consulting

We provide proven direction in developing and executing projects. Secondly, we provide team leadership to maximize your project team’s potential.

Promotion and Exposure

We'll help you reach your audience with two forms of communications management. Firstly, twitter engagement and space hosting and secondly, we'll advise on best practices for Discord.


Deep networking connections to developers, marketers, builders, architects, NFT businesses and blue-chip projects.

Our Clients:

Metaleon Society

The first crowdfunding NFT project powered within an innovative environment.

Curators Society

DAO governance over the Louvre of NFTs with membership to a premier metaverse club.

Inventors NFT

A Learn to Earn DeFi and Yield Farming NFT project that provides utility at every turn.

Atlas Lyons

The first community driven incubator project in the NFT space that helps holders build.

Council of Kingz

The most innovative metaverse real estate acquisition and Play to Earn project in the NFT space.


The only Mine-to-Earn NFT tech brand bridging the gap between crypto mining and physical PC hardware.

Case Study

Council of Kingz sells out in less than 12 hours after public sale opens...

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